Luke Tuchscherer


Luke Tuchscherer is a singer/songwriter from Bedfordshire, UK. He sings and plays drums in acclaimed band The Whybirds, who have released three studio albums to date: The Whybirds (2008), Cold Blue Sky (2010) and A Little Blood (2013). The group’s back catalogue also includes the Tonight EP (2007) and Live Recordings Vol.1 (2011).

In 2011, Luke and Suffolk-based producer Tom Peters (who worked with the ‘birds on Cold Blue Sky) went into the studio to record what would become his debut solo album. Named You Get So Alone At Times That It Just Makes Sense — a title lovingly borrowed from Charles Bukowski — the CD was recorded over a period of 7-10 days, but those days were spread over the best part of three years. Its official release date was 6 October 2014.

Upon release, the album attracted universal critical acclaim. The album was voted second best album of the year in Americana UK’s reader’s poll (and Luke was named second best male artist) and featured on multiple “Best of 2014” lists.

Tuchscherer formed a backing band called The Penny Dreadfuls featuring himself on vocals and acoustic guitar, Dave Banks (guitar), Tom Peters (drums), Nick Mailing (bass) and Dave Marks (keyboards).

The Whybirds are composed of Dave Banks (guitar) and Ben Haswell (bass), who also share lead vocals and songwriting duties. Their records have consistently attracted strong reviews from the UK and international music press, including notices in Uncut (ALB – 7/10), Classic Rock (CBS 7/10), Rock N Reel (ALB 4/5, LRv1 – 4/5, CBS 4/5), Maverick Country (CBS – 4/5), Daily Express (ALB – 4/5), Powerplay (ALB – 7/10) and Songwriting Magazine (ALB – 5/5).

His surname is pronounced Tuck-Shearer.